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Proud to be working with AccuWeather internationally since 1987.

Tailored Services

Everything that occurs in our planet is affected by the weather.

From a party to a filming production or an agricultural one. The safety and efficiency of maritime, road and air transport and freight. The correct tires choice for a car race. The perfect supply of supermarket’s shelves or the fridges of a small convenience. People’s safety at a mine, or a key decision making when it comes to sell or to store goods for later.

We know how to use a weather forecast. Let us advise you.

A well used weather forecast, saves time and money, brings tranquility and at the case of publications, applications and television, is an appealing tool for ads.

We know how to put a weather forecast to work for your benefit.

AccuNet & API

Do you need extensive weather information for your website, app or special enterprise? Our AccuWeather by Telemet AccuNet & API services can provide you with all type of weather data for more than 3 million locations worldwide.

  • Indices

  • Alerts and Weather Alarms

  • Hour-by-Hour™ Forecasts

  • MinuteCast®
  • Graphics and Satellite Images

  • Stream Video and more…

The weather, a part of our lives…

A reliable weather service can produce positive results and help avoid negative consequences.

Research & Forensics

Past weather data is useful for clients in need of trends, information on weather behavior in an area of a potential project, or for example to have records of agricultural interest or to analyze tendencies for their company’s SKU, among other.

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