Hereunder we're making available to our visitors some of the most common calculations and conversion tables used in the industries which we work with. We hope you find them of use.

Commonly Used Conversions

From To Multiply by
Inches Millimeters 25,4
Millimeters Inches 0,039370
Meters Feet 3,2808
Feet Meters 0,3048
Sq. Feet Acres 2,29568411386593
Acres Sq. Feet 43.560
Acres Hectares 0,40469
Hectares Acres 2,47
Cubic Feet Gallons 7,4805
Gallons Cubic Feet 0,134
Gallons Liters 3,7854
Liters Gallons 0,26417
Cu. Ft/sec (CFS) GPM 448,8
GPM Cu. Ft/sec (CFS) 0,0022
GPM LPS 0,06309
LPS GPM 15,85
FT Water PSI 0,433
PSI FT Water 2,31
Bar PSI 14,504
HP KW 0,7457
KW HP 1,341
HP BTU/Hr 2.546
BTU/Hr HP 0,000393