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The PowerBully® 10T is the track carrier platform for your unique application. As preferred track vehicles for firefighting, this model can be built to carry a 750 gallon water tank, or reinforced to pull fire plows, all to provide you with an effective and efficient way to fight remote fires.

  • Customized vehicles for special applications
  • Specialized firefighting vehicle
  • Specialized fabrication options
  • Mechanical drive availability

Unique applications the right carrier platform

PowerBully® means flexibility and the 10T is the track carrier platform for unique applications. As a preferred track vehicle for firefighting specialized fabrication options make it very efficient.


Solid partner durable and reliable

All high-quality components – the chassis, tracks, suspension, drive, hydraulics, electronics and cab – work together as a coordinated unit. A rugged walking beam suspension follows the terrain.


Versatility in application you have the choice

Large 4 door personnel cabins with air conditioning, special purpose platform decks with full height side rails, dual winches at front and rear, retractable ladders are just a few examples.


Track options flexibility for varied conditions

Boulder strewn fields, swampland, sandy hills, and pavement or concrete present different challenges. PowerBully® has tracks with different style track bars and widths to meet these demands.


Getting the job done couple up a fire plow

The high performance Cummins diesel engine in combination with the optional mechanical drive produces all the power needed to trench a deep fire line. And quickly, because every second counts in a fire.


Quench the thirst payload up to 25,000 lbs

Equipped with a high capacity water tank (up to 750 gallons) the PowerBully® 10T is effective in administering prescribed burns or mop-up operations.