Hereunder we're making available to our visitors some of the most common calculations and conversion tables used in the industries which we work with. We hope you find them of use.

Volume / Capacity Converters

S.I. (Metric)

Cubic meter (m3)
hectoliter (hl)
dekaliter (dal)
Cubic dm (dm3) = liter (l)
deciliter (dl)
centiliter (cl)
Cubic cm (cm3)
  = milliliter (ml)
Cubic millimeter (mm3)

U.S. Dry Measure

Bushel (bu)
Peck (pk)
Quart (qt)
Pint (pt)

U.S. Liquid Measure

Barrel [42 gal]
Gallon (gal)
Quart (qt)
Pint (pt)
Gill (gi)
Fluid Ounce (fl oz)
Fluid dram (fl dr)
Minim (min)

U.S. and Imperial Cubic Measure

Acre foot
Cubic yard
Cubic foot
Cubic inch