11.30 hours plus a great team achieves maximum Efficiency through Simplicity @ La Parva ski area. A team integrated of personnel of Torrent Engineering, Telemet and La Parva ski area achieved to go from performing diagnostics to dissemble their snowmaking pump system, perform maintenance on their two pumps, re-assemble and put it back on-line, at a total of 11.30 hours of hard work. This precise operation was performed under the supervision of Sandy McPherson, Torrent’ leading on-site engineer, after he discovered the pumps were underperforming due to probable foreign objects or rocks blocking suction.

As snowmaking season is already present, La Parva management immediately approved the suggestion to proceed with the dissembling of their system to be checked. Work started at 9am, taking off the 250hp motors off. Then, came the turn of the pumps as well as the pump cans, to assure clearing suction cups as well as retrieving any material which could affect the operation. Different pieces of liner, ties, plastic signs as well as small rocks were found. By 5pm, the station was put all back together. This was followed up by testing to assure all systems were performing correctly. The result was the pumps went from flowing 3,276 lpm to 4,655 lpm.