Throughout the world, communities are paying more and more attention to the environment, the urgency of reducing pollutants to protect the land and the quality of life. At Telemet, we are proud of working for several decades with responsible companies, long time leaders in developing efficient and effective ways to protect our environments.

PistenBully – Sustainability

What we are doing today will shape the world of tomorrow. This is why we at Kässbohrer are concerned with more than just providing high-quality and cost-effective products. The products must also feature outstanding sustainability. And one thing is for certain – sustainability means much more than saving fuel.

PistenBully® 600 E+

Aebi-Schmidt – 0% emissions

The eSwingo 200+ is the first fully electric compact sweeper from Schmidt. It is ideal for daily cleaning and sweeping duties in inner-city and pedestrianized areas plus industrial locations and multi-store car parks. The eSwingo 200+ is not only one of the cleanest compact sweepers on the market, but it also pays for itself in the overall whole life cost calculation. With the eSwingo 200+, up to 85% of energy costs and up to 70% of maintenance costs can be saved compared to a model with a diesel engine.

Schmidt eSwingo 200⁺

BeachTech – Reduction of plastic waste in the sea

BeachTech has been providing professional beach cleaning equipment for over 30 years. Customers can choose from various models and different cleaning technologies. The portfolio includes self-propelled vehicles, tractor-towed beach cleaners, as well as small, walk-behind units. In addition to use on the beach, BeachTech sand cleaners are also used wherever sand or screenable subsoil needs to be cleaned. BeachTech also supports you on special operations after oil spills, cleaning of equestrian facilities, water filter basins or soil preparation on turf farms and much more.

BeachTech solutions

TSM – 100% electric

Toward a cleaner future, TSM develops and creates ecological solutions in urban cleaning at ZERO ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT, with equal attention to performance, purchase value and operating costs. The urban vacuum ARIA and ARIAMATIC equipped with the innovative Follow-Me system, the street orderly barrow CUBO and the sidewalk sweeper ITALA are proof of this.100% ELECTRIC SOLUTIONS for the cleaning of our cities.

TSM solutions