A great feel for sweeping – proven technology that is simpler and cleaner than ever before

Not only does the eSwingo 200+ clean up perfectly, but it is also clean itself. The compact sweeper operates entirely on electric power without generating any emissions, making it not just one of the cleanest compact sweepers available on the market but also one of the most cost-competitive. Over its life cycle, the costs of the eSwingo 200+ are on par with those of the diesel version, thanks to lower energy and maintenance costs and a longer amortisation period. So, not only does the eSwingo 200+ benefit the environment, it also benefits the bottom line.

Thanks to a powerful rechargeable battery with a capacity of around 75 kWh that delivers a class-leading performance of up to 10 hours without recharging. With the excellent sweeping power synonymous with the Swingo 200+, but with a near-silent electric drive, the new e-Swingo deliver ”noiseless, invisible sweeping”.

An intelligent battery concept guarantees not only the best performance, but also efficient handling.

The highest quality of materials and workmanship guarantee the durability (at least 5000 charging cycles) and safety of the batteries (non-flammable, completely explosion-proof). The Schmidt eSwingo 200+ is particularly quiet, with the noise level being a great deal lower than the noise produced by the diesel vehicle. This benefits not only the drivers directly, but also local residents. Given its low noise level, if the machine can be deployed at night or in the early hours of the morning. The top speed is 50 km/h (31 mph).

Using just one electric motor fitted directly on the rear axle, means more performance coupled with less outlay on maintenance compared with other systems.

Experienced Swingo drivers appreciate the ease of manoeuvrability thanks to the all-wheel steering, which is also fitted in the eSwingo 200+. The weight distribution between the front and rear axles is also very well thought out thanks to the intelligent battery distribution, and this guarantees excellent driving stability. The eSwingo 200+ holds a water tank with a volume of 400l, and the 2m3 hopper for sweepings is exactly the same size as the one in the diesel model. What is unique is that the tried-and-tested pressurised water recirculation system can also be combined with the innovative Koanda air circulation system. This reduces emissions by up to 70% and helps make the eSwingo 200+ possibly the cleanest compact sweeper available in the market To start with, a large proportion of the dust-laden air which is sucked in is re-circulated to the suction nozzle in a closed cycle, while the special design of the nozzle, which employs flow energy to support the collection of debris, guarantees a substantial improvement in debris collection.

Drivers are guaranteed to enjoy driving the vehicle even on long deployments, thanks to the ergonomically adapted operating elements, a height-adjustable and articulating steering column, and intuitive control using a joystick. The fully integrated air-conditioning and heating system with the option to precondition the cabin ensures you can work in pleasant temperatures at any time of the year. The eSwingo 200+ is certified and recommended with the seal of approval of AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken).

Smart and intelligent, the new Schmidt eSwingo 200+ also provides a new generation of telematics solutions. These give GPS-based positioning in real time, allow for optimised driving and battery performance, automatically track service intervals and can also be used for route optimisation.

Furthermore customers don’t need to worry about battery life as all battery servicing and diagnostics are provided by the Aebi Schmidt Group, while any used batteries can be returned and recycled free of charge.