With its intake capacity of up to a ton of sand, rubble or other debris per minute, the Senior 2000 towed sweeper beats every other sweeper on the market in terms of intake, and that at speeds of up to 20 km/h.

The debris is swept by the two side brushes to the wide cross brush and from there conveyed on a belt to the back of a truck. The conveyor belt is adjustable in height, thus allowing adaptation to the height of the platforms of the various towing vehicles.

The conveying speed of the belt can be regulated from the driver’s cabin in such a way that the debris is spread evenly over the full surface of the truck platform.

Thanks to its exclusively mechanical mode of operation – without any suction apparatus – and its extremely efficient water spraying system, the Senior 2000 is not only much quieter than any other comparable suction sweeper, but it also emits considerably less dust.

Through a process of continuous development in terms of capacity, quality and reliability over the past few years, the Senior 2000 has been brought to its present high level of sophistication.