Schmidt truck-mounted sweeper and thermal surface cleaner

SK 600 R and TF 300: The perfect combination for efficient oil residue removal, intensive asphalt cleaning and industrial cleaning!
The product combination of truck-mounted sweeper and thermal surface cleaner is the best choice for anyone looking for an efficient solution for particularly challenging cleaning tasks. The SK 600 R truck-mounted sweeper – with the sweeping unit arranged on the right – forms the basis for the attachment of the TF 300 thermal surface cleaner. Mounted on a standard truck chassis with a total permissible weight of 18 tons, the TF 300 is a both versatile and highly specialized machine, which is perfectly suitable for both conventional sweeping tasks (as a mounted sweeper) and especially challenging cleaning tasks.

The TF 300 thermal surface cleaner: Applying high pressure and heat, an uncompromising answer to any kind of particularly stubborn dirt!

Especially oil contamination – e.g. following accidents – poses a high risk to road users, therefore requiring quick and reliable remedy. The technical solution comprises a highly powerful water pump, providing a pressure of up to 200 bars and a flow rate of 70 l/min, which is used to create a high-pressure flat spray jet or to power the rotary nozzles. Owing to an integrated, freely adjustable heating system, the water can be heated to more than 60°C (up to 90°C at maximum). In doing so, the diesel burner with an output of up to 300 kW ensures a rapid and constant heating process. The use of hot water additionally extends the fields of application of the TF 300 and once again considerably increases its cleaning efficiency. For the efficient collection of dirt, the TF 300 exhibits a rear suction unit with two suction shafts. Its working width is between 1,250 and 2,500 mm – depending on the surface requirements.

Based on the SK 600 R truck-mounted sweeper: Full power from suction power to flexible application and convenient equipment!

The SK 600 R truck-mounted sweeper has a hopper capacity of 6.0 m3 and is specifically designed for cleaning traffic ways in municipal streets and country roads. At the front of its chassis, the machine features surfactant spray bars, which are used to spray surfactant onto the dirt; the surfactant is worked into the surface using the high-pressure hot water jet and completely collected by the rear suction unit of the TF 300 – all this in one single operation. The SK 600 has two possible options for powering the suction fan and the hydraulic unit: the auxiliary drive of the vehicle engine (PTO) and a hydrostatic drive, which can be used to operate the vehicle up to a travelling speed of 40 km/h. The sweeping speed is infinitely variable up to 20 km/h. The entire sweeping attachment and the hydraulic unit of the TF 300 are powered by the auxiliary drive of the chassis engine or the hydrostatic drive. As a result, the chassis engine is capable of powering both the SK 600 / TF 300 and the chassis drive. Since, owing to this, no additional auxiliary engine is required, the machine works quietly and fuel-efficiently. The SK 600 has a sweeping width of 2,300 mm, with the full width being swept mechanically. The disc brushes, the feeder brush and the suction shaft with a brush located directly behind it are pulled.

Two machines – Versatile application and maximum economic efficiency!

SK 600 R: Can be applied as a conventional truck-mounted sweeper with a sweeping unit arranged on the right and a hopper capacity of 6.0 m3. The machine is equipped with a variety of additional functions, such as an extra front brush, which can be widely extended, spray and wash bars and many more.

TF 300: Being a special-purpose machine with rear suction unit and high-pressure hot-water unit, the uses of the vehicle include:

  • Removal of oil residues / Elimination of oil pollution / Cleaning of accident sites
  • Removal of fuel spills on roads and squares
  • Industrial cleaning of large surfaces to remove oil and grease
  • Industrial cleaning of special smooth or rough surfaces
  • Cleaning of porous and low-noise asphalt (the rotary nozzles penetrate the surface deep into the pores, thus restoring the roughness of the surface)
  • Cleaning of concrete surfaces (encrusted dirt is detached by the high-pressure water unit and directly collected by the two suction shafts)
  • Operations with the rear suction unit for cleaning large surfaces, e.g. removal of grit on building sites or collection of large amounts of fluid