Truck Mounted Sweeper

The truck mounted SK 500 sweeper is suitable for all truck chassis with up to 12 tonnes permissible total weight. Despite having a 5.0 m³ hopper, the machine is very manoeuvrable and has a small turning circle. The truck mounted SK 500 sweeper is designed for cleaning communal streets and can be used easily in relatively narrow spaces.

The sweeping technology: laterally attached disc brushes which jut out lead the debris from the gutter to the front of the towed 550 mm wide suction nozzle. In addition, a 1,250 mm long feeder brush sweeps under the vehicle, transporting the dirt to the front of the suction mouth. Since the suction air passes into the suction nozzle via a direct inlet, there is high suction performance even at low speed. The SK 500 meets the guidelines for dust particles according to PM10.

An optional hydrostatic drive also provides infinite adjustment for setting the operation speed to up to 40 km/h. The control panel is installed directly next to the driver’s seat and is very easy for the driver to operate. The menu navigation is structured logically and many commands are controlled automatically. Essential functions such as the change in direction or the adjustment of the disc brush angle are installed directly beside the steering wheel so that the driver can concentrate exclusively on the road traffic and the sweeping operation.