Compact sweeper

The Swingo 200+ is an efficient, flexible and convenient compact sweeper for public areas and the city centre. With this machine, many streets, paths and squares can be swept, the lowerable undercarriage also enables sweeping in multi-storey car parks and underground car parks. The sweeping brooms attached to the front have an automatically regulated broom ground pressure control, resulting in maximum manoeuvrability in any sweeping situation.
The Swingo 200+ is characterised by a 2.0 m³ large hopper – this means an even greater coverage and an even longer sweeping operation. This machine is ideally suited for your greatest cleaning requirements in city centre/urban areas. The Swingo 200+ is characterised by its optimum weight distribution and a low unladen weight. With this machine, operation on even sensitive ground areas presents no problems whatsoever.
Its compact dimensions ensure that the vehicle remains manoeuvrable in any situation, safe, and mobile: The scope of application ranges from maximum to minimum sweeping ranges, i.e. from wide areas to narrow passages. Besides, the Swingo 200+ distinguishes itself through its modular build. Different suspension, sweeping and also steering systems are available. The Swingo 200+ is prepared for all conditions.

Quality characteristics

Swingo machines have several sweeping performance levels which guarantees maximum operational readiness: sweeping performance levels are continuously set from Standard to Maximum. Thus the Swingo 200+ can cope with all levels of pollution. Additionally, the machine operates at a low noise level.

The debris is conveyed by two or three disc brushes to the suction nozzle and then ends up in the 2.0 m3 hopper. The sweeping process happens in connection with the efficient use of circulating water which combines with the debris. In this case, a particularly resource-saving pressurised water recirculation system with water separation and water recovery can be used – this additionally makes sure that only clean and low-dust air is released into the environment. The smooth running lowemission EuroMot 3B or the Euro 6 diesel engine with particle filter and urea injection also contribute to the environmental balance. With a speed of up to 50 km/h, the high-performance but very low-noise motor brings you quickly to your operation location.
Other highlights of the Swingo line include the fully-glazed driver cabin which guarantees safety, the air conditioning unit, the hydro-pneumatic suspension to protect the spine, the steering wheel that can be adjusted for optimum driver comfort, the ergonomically designed control system ensures comfortable operation with the use of joysticks and easy to read multifunctional on board computer incorporating cruise control – for more information feel free to contact us at any time!