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    Main Office

    P.O. Box 829,
    2290 Route 296,
    Hunter, NY 12442, USA.
    Ph.: 1-518-263-4968
    Fax: 1-518-263-5491

    Santiago’s Office

    Los Canteros 8723
    La Reina, Santiago,
    7880414, Chile
    Ph: 56-22-356-2735
    Fax: 56-22-356-3822

    Montevideo’s Office

    Juncal 1378 / of 1305
    Montevideo, 11500, Uruguay
    Ph: 598-99-825-392

    Customer Service

    Telemet’s Customer Service offers prompt attention and effective resolution to customer’s inquiries. Our qualified and knowledgeable personnel will assist you with courtesy and mutual respect.

    Telemet’s staff is highly trained in their respective areas of expertise. We make a considerable effort to advance the continued development of our personnel. They receive extensive periods of updated technical training and are sensitive to the constant changes of the world market.