Onspot Automatic Tire Chains

The Onspot Automatic Tire chain offers the traction of a single set of conventional snow chains at the flip of a switch, without having to stop the vehicle.

A simple solution

Everybody benefits from Onspot. You can meet your delivery deadlines and create a better working environment for the driver. You keep your good reputation and avoid unnecessary costs. Road safety is improved and human lives are saved. Real benefits and real savings.

Onspot is a very simple concept. When the road becomes icy and slippery, all the driver needs to do is press a button in his cab, and Onspot is activated. Activation is possible at speeds of up to 30 mi/h (50 km/h). As this safety device is easier to use, it is also used only when needed. Risks are reduced, the driver feels safer and his working environment is enhanced. Onspot helps you get there, on time or as fast as possible, and always as safely as possible.


A complete Onspot consists of:

Onspot kit
There are two different types of Onspot kits, 04 and 012, to ensure optimum fit. In the order list it is possible to find out which type that is offered to your vehicle.

Electric and air kit
There are several varying kits for adaption to different vehicle’s electric- and air-systems. The electric and air kit for Onspot 012 is included in the Onspot kit.

Vehicle bracket kit
Unique vehicle brackets for all vehicle makes. The bracket has a high-quality corrosion resistance through electrolytic pre-treatment.

Wheel kit
Four different alternatives: 6 chains, 6 chains sparkle resistant for ADR-transport, 12 chains and 18 chains.