Engineering Services:

  • System analysis and recommendations
  • System master planning
  • Complete mechanical, electrical, drafting services
  • Mountain piping system design and layout
  • Equipment specifications and materials lists
  • On-site services; system evaluation and installation review

Pumping Systems:

  • Complete pump system packages including prefabricated pump stations
  • Vertical turbine, submersible turbine and horizontal pumping equipment
  • Variable speed and valve pressure control
  • Portable high pressure pumping systems
  • Domestic pumping systems
  • Authorized FLOWSERVE (formally Ingersoll-Dresser Pump) OEM

Compressor Cooling and Support Systems:

  • Air-Air cooling systems
  • Water/Glycol closed-loop cooling systems
  • Condensate separation systems
  • Variable speed fan control systems and motor controls

Water Cooling Systems:

  • Cooling tower support and control systems
  • Pond spray systems
  • Heat exchangers

Machine Automation Systems:

  • TorrentLOGICTM process control software
  • PLC based pump, compressor and cooling control
  • PLC networks
  • Remote interface systems

Motor Control and Electrical Distribution Systems:

  • Variable speed drives for pump and fan control
  • Motor soft starters
  • Bussed and internally wired MCC lineups
  • Main service entries and power distribution
  • Authorized ABB Drive OEM

Parts and Service:

  • Butterfly, globe and pilot operated valves; valve accessories
  • Instrumentation
  • Mechanical seals
  • Electrical components
  • Authorized regional service and 24-hour support