Since it’s inception in 1988, Telemet has expanded into multiple markets.  Together with its associated Companies in Chile and Uruguay, Telemet represents leading suppliers of advanced products and services, evolving as the foremost provider for a variety of industries and government agencies.

A crew of dedicated individuals at Telemet are constantly challenging themselves to provide the best possible services, while maintaining the company principle.

Efficiency Through Simplicity


Weather Division

The Weather Division of Telemet provides AccuWeather® services and products to companies throughout the world. Our customers include the media, Internet, utility companies, and a wide variety of other industries. AccuWeather® supplies weather services to over twenty thousand customers around the globe and offers information in a wide spectrum of formats. Telemet’s weather division is also the exclusive distributor of AccuWeather® services for all ski areas around the world.

Snow Service

Snow Service Division

The Snow Service Division of Telemet, along with its associated leading companies, has been providing consulting services to ski areas in South America since 1989, and has earned an outstanding reputation in the industry. All aspects of snowmaking, snow grooming and ski area operations are within the area of expertise of the Snow Service Division. It offers consulting, engineering, financial and planning services, and the best products available, tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.


Environmental Division

The Environmental Division offers effective tools to improve the quality of our natural resources. It provides equipment and service mainly for three distinctive areas: wastewater treatment for mining and industrial operations for the South American market, a complete line of beach cleaning units for the shores of the Southern Cone and an innovative line of products for the demolition, construction, transfer stations, composting, wood processing and scrap industries.

Multipurpose Vehicles

Multipurpose Vehicles

This Division concentrates on providing specialized equipment for versatile activities such as a GreenTech all-terrain vehicles for demanding locations and extreme conditions, Aebi Terratrac for use on sloping terrain, with front and rear attachments, PowerBully carriers offering from a low ground pressure tracked carrier with high payload to the perfect mobile base for multiple accessories; ASH units s such as SR road repair patchers that provides a highly efficient way of repairing potholes, to the Santera 3000 cutter blower specially developed for sand clearing operations.

Telemet Sudamérica S.A.

Our associated company, Telemet Sudamérica S.A. de Santiago, Chile, contributes to and supports our operations in the Southern Cone’s regions with highly trained personnel and extensive local knowledge. This operation is headed by our GM/Partner, Mr. Cristian Elgueta, who has been associated with Telemet since 1991.