Maneuverable, Versatile and Powerful units for Specialized Work.

Flexigo 150

The smallest all-rounder in the Schmidt sweeper family is flexibly expandable and can be combined with many attachments and mountable equipment for both summer and winter road maintenance.

Public Service

Santera 3000
RPS-H – Reflector post washer
Aebi Golf

Multipurpose Transporter

Aebi TP410
Aebi TP420
Aebi VT450 Vario Euro 6

Implement carriers for steep slopes

Aebi TT206
Aebi TT211
Aebi TT241
Aebi TT281

Motor mowers / single-axle machines

Aebi BM 8
Aebi CC36
Aebi CC56
Aebi CC66
Aebi CC110

Electrical implement carrier

Aebi EC130
Aebi EC170