Best workplace in its class. Promise!
Quiet cabin, perfect work environment thanks to an automatic climate control system, practical details list USB plug, storage options and a mobile phone compartment – simply a convenient workplace. Added to this is a perfect panoramic view of the surroundings and the instruments thanks to large glazing areas. Open space and functionality will delight you. A driving seat for even the highest demands. Why settle for less?
Comfortable down to the finest details
You can expect handling that leaves nothing to be desired in the new Terratrac. The front hydraulics can optionally accommodate attachments of categories I & II. An optional reversing gear delivers the greatest possible flexibility – easily and comfortably. Compact and extremely agile, the Terratrac can be manoeuvred with ease, whether on challenging steep slopes or in open spaces. It is also great fun to drive! Last but not least, the ease of maintenance has also been improved. All of the important components can be accessed very easily at any time. The new Aebi Terratrac represents pure comfort. We think you have earned it.

Intelligent technology that thinks for you
Intelligent technology such as linkages, for example, assist the driver in their work and improve safety. With individually programmable buttons on the drive lever, multiple functions and actions can be triggered at the press of a button while you continue concentrating on driving or on quick turning manoeuvres. When the front linkage is raised, the all-wheel steering automatically switches on, for example, and the rear linkage raises as well. Save once, call up automatically. Simple, convenient and reliable!


A drive lever without compromise
There’s no better ergonomics, comfort and functionality. Get ready for a new generation of drive levers and let the new concept impress you. Pinpoint and ultra-quick control of the instruments with just one finger! Ingeniously simple. Changing direction quickly and easily, without stopping – no problem. Get in and drive off, thanks to the intuitive operation time-consuming studying of manuals is no longer needed. Because we know: your time is valuable, and so is your health. The new drive lever with Smart Navigator is therefore optionally integrated into the armrest and allows for a relaxed posture in any situation.

In a nutshell – new display concept
With an entirely new concept and reworked menu navigation, we establish a new level of comfort and clarity for operation via the display. And less is more: only the information you actually need for working is shown. Your eyes will also be glad of the day and night function on the display.

Smart and intelligent

One decision, two options.
On the front linkage, it is possible to switch between Cat I & II, and that’s as standard. All equipment can thus be driven with a front linkage. Including the highest lifting capacities and hydraulic performances.

Just the way you need it
The direction of rotation for the front PTO can be selected when a new order is placed for a vehicle, and it can also be changed at any time after ordering with little effort. Existing machine pool and still not an Aebi customer? No problem! The vehicle adapts itself to your operation. Very simple.


Saving while driving is no contradiction
Saving while driving? No contradiction with the eco drive function. The motor speed is reduced while the vehicle speed remains unchanged. This results in lower fuel consumption and the noise level is reduced. Convincing, effective and sustainable. The powerful stage IV motor is NOX optimised and has lower emissions than ever before. AdBlue is used for exhaust treatment. This urea neutralises the nitrogen oxides and converts them into harmless nitrogen and water vapour. AdBlue is also very inexpensive and biodegradable.

Electrically controlled hydrostatic drive
Automatically equipped correctly for any work. Four driving modes are available – automotive, working I, working II, proportional. Prioritisation between motor and PTO shaft. The flow of force between the drive and PTO shaft is prioritised to different degrees. Automatic Drive Control (ADC) ensures that the drive feed rate is even adjusted to the PTO shaft output that is required. The new implement carrier from Aebi – perfectly equipped for you. See for yourself.


Anyone buying today is also thinking about tomorrow
Secure yourself the right investment for the future with the new multifunctional and powerful implement carrier. A high level of efficiency combined with unbeatable retention of value – this investment will pay dividends for you even after many years of use. Factors that influence the overall efficiency include an economical engine, Eco-Drive, ADC, couplings, and state-of-the-art technology which adapts to the current application and saves resources. This enables up to 15% saving on fuel to be achieved.
More efficient use of energy means that additional power is available for the drive and PTO shaft. More power, additional safety, lower fuel consumption. In addition, the individually adjustable Tip-Tronic ensures that the speed can be delicately adjusted. Working in a clever way means making full use of the potential for optimisation. The new Terratrac from Aebi is synonymous with efficiency, profitability, safety and comfort as never before – without making any compromises. Allow yourself to be inspired!

Less is more!
Why waste expensive resources unnecessarily? The intelligent hydraulics system only consumes the amount of hydraulic oil that the current application requires and thus reduces fuel consumption without any loss of performance. An advantage that really pays dividends!

Cool – with a system!
The fan intensity of the cooling system is controlled according to the thermal load in the vehicle. The same applies here: more available power, lower fuel consumption. This is cool technology in the truest sense which thinks for you – especially for challenging work.

More than just hot air!
The reversible fan can change direction during operation. You benefit from a self-cleaning cooling system and thus from more available power. Working yourself or letting it work? The new implement carrier from Aebi provides outstanding assistance in any situation.


Powerful. Graceful. Revolutionary. A masterpiece of design and character. Together with cutting-edge technology, our high quality requirements and an innovative handling concept, design becomes experience. 109 HP has never looked so beautiful.