Now also with 23 hp!

The robust multi-purpose machine with a host of applications for the upkeep of grassed areas and open spaces, as well as for snow clearance work. In order to meet the varied and complex needs encountered in the professional grass maintenance sector and the challenges of snow clearance and, at the same time, making work easier for the discerning user, Aebi has developed a tough, easy to maintain, all-purpose fully featured single axle machine, especially designed with long, tough tasks in mind.

The Aebi quick-fit connector system (with integrated PTO shaft) allows a wide range of implements to be used: from flail and sickle mowers as well as bar mowers through open-space cleaning equipment up to snow blowers and snowploughs. Moreover, almost all attachments used on earlier Aebi single-axle machines can be used on the Aebi CC66.

An 18 HP or 23 HP petrol engine provides this Aebi single-axle machine with the necessary power. Steering the Aebi CC66 is simply effortless, thanks to the robust hydrostatic drive and unique active steering system developed by Aebi.

The Aebi CC66 is no less at home in sloping terrain and is as ground conserving as its predecessors in the Aebi single-axle range.