Terratrac – Specialized Aebi tractor for use in steep terrain.

  • Classy design, state-of-the-art driver’s area, and powerful
  • Powerful, energy-saving and clean turbo diesel engine of stage lllB with outstanding torque
  • Ergonomically designed driver’s area with outstanding available space, simple operation and new multi-functional control lever
  • Practical features: Cup holder, universal box, mobile phone holder and document compartment
  • Die oscillation suppression protects the Terratrac and the equipment and allows a gentle drive
  • Optimal accessibility to engine, service points and vehicle electronics for problem-free machine maintenance

The turbo diesel with a cubic capacity of 2.6 l, a performance of 72 HP and a maximum torque of 232 Nm adds a significant amount of power to the top-range model of the compact class, the Aebi TT211.

Even difficult operations, such as mulching with a flail mower or snow clearing with a cutter blower, are handled with the greatest of ease by this Terratrac. The extended wheelbase has a very positive effect on the vehicle’s driveability during road and off-road operations. Furthermore, the steering angle is no longer limited, even when using twin tyres.

New and larger water and oil coolers allow for efficient and further improved cooling even in extreme conditions. With front and rear attachment areas, four possible steering modes to be selected at the touch of a button, the stepless hydraulic drive, the logical and easy handling of all functions and the powerful engine, the Aebi TT211 is a multipurpose and efficient steep-slope implement carrier.

Front- and rear-mounted attachments can be operated simultaneously. Whether mowing operations with rotary or flail mowers, wide-ranging maintenance operations on delicate green spaces, transport or winter service operations – there is a vast variety of possible applications, allowing for economical operation of the machine throughout the year.

Due to the continuous further development that always complies with the state of the art, the excellent price-performance ratio and the proverbial reliability, the Aebi TT211 has by now become one of the most successful Terratrac models.

With the optionally available swivel module WIPOMATIK the sitting position is lifted by 70mm, which is still clearly below comparable seat technologies from other manufacturers of implement carriers for steep slopes. Therefore, enough headroom remains. The tilt angle is 10° and is automatically adapted to the hillside. This enables comfortable and upright seat positions especially for extended working hours on a slope for instance doing mowing works at motorways or dyke maintenance.