Aebi’s aim was to realise a high-performance model with a simplified operating concept using proven technology. The result was a Transporter that shot straight to the top of the middle class with a high payload, first-class driving comfort, a powerful and clean engine and an excellent price/performance ratio. Operation in the cockpit is carried out conventionally via mechanical control elements. In the basic version, the front axle is equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension, whereas the rear axle has no suspension. In one version, the Aebi TP420 Transporter can be equipped with full suspension and optionally even with four steering modes

The H shift works smoothly and precisely. With step, half gears and reversing, the 4-gear transmission has a total of 16 forward and 16 reverse gears. The step and half gears are preselectable and shifted electrohydraulically. The shifting time for the half gears is a record-breaking 1/10 of a second. Depending on the vehicle’s registration, four different speed versions are available: 2–30 km/h, 2–40 km/h, 2–45 km/h and 2–50 km/h.

Permanent four-wheel drive via centre differential with 50/50% torque distribution. Centre and axle differential can be locked 100% at the front and rear as a standard and are actuated electrohydraulically. When the vehicle is parked, the centre differential locks automatically and the parking brake acts on the front and rear axle over the cardan shaft. This guarantees an important plus in safety and increases stability on difficult terrain.

The suspension of the front axle ensures real driving comfort. Suspension travel is 100 mm. The difference to full suspension is surprisingly small. The hydropneumatically suspended front axles of both variants (front axle and full suspension) are completely identical in design. In the full suspension version, the Aebi TP420 transporter also comes with hydropneumatic front and rear axle suspension and hydraulic quick-release locks on the rear axle. As an option, the full suspension version is also available with front-wheel, four-wheel, rear-wheel and quasi-crab steering.

The VM turbo diesel delivers impressive 80 kW (109 HP), has a torque of 420 Nm at only 1100 rpm and a torque rise of 43%. In practice, these key data guarantee a large power reserve. In addition, the engine meets stage IIIB and operates in a very environmentally sound manner thanks to a diesel particulate filter and catalytic converter. With its powerful drive train design, the TP420 is able to use the VM engine’s enormous torque without throttling. When in use, this noticeably adds traction power even with a heavily loaded transporter. There is a lot of power reserve for driving attachment units via the power take-off shaft (up to 72kW).

State-of-the art dashboard with round instruments and colour display. The cockpit area is designed in semicircular shape and the control levers are optimally arranged. The plastic roof is equipped with integrated working headlights and is available with a glass pop-top roof on request. The heating and defroster system ensures a pleasant temperature and prevents the windows from fogging up.

As Aebi Burgdorf is already providing the Aebi TT280 with a VM turbo diesel meeting the stage IIIB emissions standard, it was only logical to also equip the transporter with this clean engine type. This has been an important step into the future and a clear sign of Aebi’s commitment to consistently pursue the issue of sustainability. Moreover, the state-of-the-art treatment of exhausts and harmful emissions perfectly matches Aebi’s innovative vehicle technology.

Attachment units can still be changed quickly and without great effort. Most equipment functions are able to be conveniently operated by means of the hydraulic system. With double tyres which can be fitted all around, the transporter is even better suited for sloped terrain, provides additional safety in extreme situations and ensures less ground compaction. Focusing on what is essential has been consistently implemented with the Aebi TP420 transporter. We neither cut back on quality nor on the excellent chassis, the comfortable cabin or the transmission as identical assemblies are sold with the top class. Result: an unbeatable price!