Compact sweeper

The Cleango 500 offers the holding capacity of a large mounted sweeper with an approx. 4 m³ hopper and combines this advantage with the flexibility of a compact sweeper.

The high-performance vehicle is used for cleaning roads in towns and industrial areas. The towed disc brush system takes up little space underneath the cabin and is attached in front of the front axle. The vehicle is available with a hydraulic setting of the brush angle as well as a separate setting of the disc brush ground pressure as an option.

The flexible brooms enable different sweeping ranges and thus optimum adaptation to the individual street conditions. The Cleango has a highperformance suction fan with an air flow of 14000 m³/h. Combined with a suction nozzle width of 670 mm and a debris flap, the vehicle is also designed to pick up larger debris. The drivers cabin is specially mounted to reduce noise and vibration and equipped with two seats, comfortable all-round glazing ensures high visibility of the work and traffic area. The sliding windows on the left and the right, the ergonomic driver seat, a modern heating and air conditioning system, the height and tiltadjustable steering column, the user-friendly menu control via a central display, the control of the sweeping unit via an ergonomically designed door control console with joysticks, the option of a radio-CD device, a tachograph or even an air conditioning system: the Cleango offers all the comfort that a modern, efficient and safe workplace needs.

The vehicle is powered by a high-performance 6-cylinder diesel engine of the latest generation: The Cleango 500 thus complies with not only the Euro 5 and EuroMot 3B emission standards but also the most recent Euro 6 standard. As a result, the Cleango 500 brings its full power to bear in any situation, ensuring consistently efficient sweeping operations.