The powerful pro for all particularly stubborn contaminations.

The Cityjet 6000 offers you the performance features of a truck street washer and at the same time offers the advantages of a light, manoeuvrable compact vehicle – it can therefore be used as easily in tight lanes as on large areas. The City Jet 6000, which operates using high water pressure, is used in traffic areas where there is particularly stubborn or dried-on dirt, e.g. in market places or on cobblestones. The cleaning width of the Cityjet 6000 can be set from 1,800 mm to 3,500 mm. The nozzles of the swiveling spray bar, which work with a water pressure of 110 bar and a water amount of up to 170 l per minute, ensure thoroughly clean conditions. Thanks to a large 6,300 litre water tank, the street washer can clean for at least 40 minutes uninterrupted even at maximum output.

As its wheelbase is only 1,850 mm, the large Cityjet 6000 is also extremely manoeuvrable. Cleaning winding traffic areas such as routes with benches, lamps or boundary posts is no problem as the spray bar can be swiveled 15 degrees to the left or to the right. To clean the most stubborn contamination, the angle of the spray nozzles can also be adjusted or another integrated high pressure cleaner can be used.

The controls are designed ergonomically and clearly structured. The glazed cabin ensures good all-round visibility of the working area for the driver. Driven by a powerful 6-cylinder diesel engine of the newest generation, the compact street washer drives at up to 40 km/h on the road.