Truck Mounted Sweeper

The truck mounted SK 600 sweeper has a 6.0 m³ hopper and is specially designed for cleaning traffic areas in local authority districts and country roads. The machine is suited for all common truck chassis with a permissible total weight of 15 to 18 tonnes. Thanks to its noise suppression package, the SK 600 can also be used between 10pm and 6am. Furthermore, it fulfils the dust particle guideline and bears the PM10 badge.

The SK 600 has a sweeping width of 2,300 mm, the whole area is swept mechanically thus making it both quick and efficient. Disc brushes and the suction nozzle are towed with a centre brush directly behind the machine – damage is thus almost impossible.

Three versions are possible for the drive of the suction fans and working hydraulics, either a diesel-powered auxiliary engine, via the vehicle’s auxiliary drive system (PTO) or finally a hydrostatic drive system – the latter can also be used for driving speeds of up to 40 km/h. The infinitely adjustable sweeping speed is up to 20 km/h.

The SK 600 offers several extra functions in addition to basic sweeping. There is an additional front brush which can be extended to sweep on a second level – such as the kerb – or to remove weeds. A spray bar for increased dust control when sweeping can also be used as well as a washing bar for washing dirty surfaces.

Lastly, the rear suction system with a pick-up width of 2,500 mm, four water nozzles and two large-sized suction hoses can be used to suck up liquids such as oil spills or to absorb glycol.