Having been designed for front-mounting on narrow track vehicles, the LKS construction series can be flexibly deployed to remove heavy dirt from relatively small and medium-sized surfaces.


The truck-mounted LKS sweeper is of an open construction towards the front. In this way, the machine, with its broom lengths of from 1.280 mm up to 1.880 mm, depending on the model, can really bring its potential to bear. The LKS, with its brushes made of highquality polypropylene, cleans small and mediumsized spaces, even if they are really dirty, easily and quickly. A windshield, clamped in place by a steel spring, prevents (the undesirable effect of) debris being catapulted away even when operating at peak capacity. Its elasticity makes it able to withstand light jolts, against walls, for instance, without any difficulty.


Its design makes the LKS equally suitable for cleaning operations in summer or, through the use of different brushes, snow removal in winter. Its special snow brooms enable it to provide for a clear surface even if there is a light covering of snow. Whether the LKS sweeps to the left, the right or straight ahead is infinitely variable (progressively adjustable): a hydraulic swivelling cylinder makes this ease of operation possible. And because a selfaligning bearing with nylon runners has been integrated into the sweeper, any occasional bumps on the ground are automatically compensated for. Standing secure With one extendable and two storage legs which can be swung up, the sweeper stands secure on three points and ready for use, thus enabling the vertically adjustable castor wheels to be stowed without any pressure being applied when not in use.

Power in the roller

The hollow broom, which was developed by Schmidt, has the advantage that the hydraulic engine for powering the sweeping broom can be accommodated in the inside of the broom. This creates an optimum design which can do without parts that are in the way or stick out, which is of advantage in many operations, sweeping along walls for instance.