The VKS range of attachable sweepers have been designed for front and rear mounting on medium and heavy carrier vehicles, and are used to remove coarse dirt from large areas.

The Design

The VKS attachable sweeper is constructed with an open front and without a dirt collection box. This means that, depending on the version, the machine’s capacity with its brush roller length of 2.100 mm to 2.600 mm, can be fully utilised. At the same time, the spraying unit ensures dust-free sweeping with its water jets. The amount of water needed can be pumped directly from a tank to the VKS, or from a water tank on the vehicle. The robustly built VKS can clean large areas and even coarse dirt easily and quickly, with its high-quality polypropylene or crimped wire. A liftable dirt collection flap, with an extra dirt collection cloth, prevents the unintentional slinging away of coarse debris, even at high performance levels. This attachable sweeper can be mounted on the front or behind the carrier vehicle. The VKS 22, VKS 24 and the VKS 26 have central support frames made of torsion-resistant square tube. The highly robust VKS 4, specially designed for building sites, is fitted with a self-supporting brush casing. On all the attachable sweepers of the VKS series, the height adjustable wheels guarantee the correct, individual amount of brush contact pressure.

All-year Use

Due to its design, the VKS is suitable for more than just summer cleaning. Various brush sets make it possible to also use the VKS series of sweepers in the winter. With its special snow brush, it can clean lightly snow-covered areas. Whether the VKS is sweeping to the left, right or front, it is infinitely adjustable. The integrated lifting system provides additional user-friendliness.

Flexible Drive

The VKS sweeper is powered selectively either by PTO or vehicle hydraulics. Its hydraulic motor is located in the Schmitd developed hollow brush supporting frame. It is optimally designed without any inconvenient protruding parts. This is particularly beneficial in many areas, such as sweeping along walls.