Schmidt Towed sweeper

Designed for tractors and UNIMOG, the Wasa 300+ is used to clean streets in small towns and communities. The high performance machine picks up dirt mechanically, whereby large amounts of fine dusty exhaust fumes are avoided.

The towed sweepers offer maximum sweeping performance and can even be used for the coarsest of dirt. A 3.0 m³ hopper enables the travelling of large areas and routes.

With this towed sweeper, debris is conveyed from two side brushes to the centre brush at the rear of the machine and is transported from there via an elevator into the large pick-up hopper. All functions are easily operated via a clearly arranged control panel from the vehicle cabin. The Wasa 300+ was designed so that all the relevant parts are easily accessible and all necessary settings and repairs can be carried out simply.

The sweeper is driven by an environmentally friendly hydraulic system which operates silently even at full power and is suitable for operation with organic oil.

The Wasa 300+ offers other interesting options such as the high-pressure washing system, which allows for specific adjustment to its sweeping task.