It combines supreme performance, precision and elegance. The Schmidt Supra 4002 belongs to a very special class of powerhouse. With its 435 hp, capacity to clear up to 3500 tonnes of snow and its ability to eject snow up to 40 metres, it is in great demand wherever there is a need to handle large volumes of snow or great clearing capacity is required. The Supra is deployed, for example, when mountain passes are to be reopened after the winter season or on transport areas at airports.

To be able to guarantee that operations could continue without any restriction at all times at various military bases in Switzerland, in 2017 Swiss army was looking for some particularly capable equipment. After conducting trials, the Competence Center for Procurement, Technology and Real Estate in Switzerland decided to purchase 10 Schmidt Supra 4002 snow cutter blowers. With the rating “most suitable”, the high-performance snow cutter made in Germany’s Black Forest region offered a persuasive choice not just with its clearing performance, but also with its manoeuvrability, precision and great level of comfort for the driver.

The first five Supra 4002 were delivered to Swiss army at the beginning of January and handed over during training at the Hongrin military training area (Col des Mosses). 21 participants were able to familiarise themselves with the new powerhouse in perfect winter weather. “Having 4350 hp of power at your disposal is something very special even for us,” says Niklaus Schnider from the ASH Group. “We are proud of this major order and the level of trust that armasuisse has thus placed in our product. Even during the induction briefing last week, our Supra produced many happy faces and represents a new dimension for winter maintenance. We very much appreciate the excellent working relationship with Swiss army and the team led by project manager Renate Schärz, and we will also continue to provide support as an expert partner now that the equipment has been delivered. We will of course also be on hand to assist with any request to increase the armasuisse fleet to include further machinery. With a large number of Aebi Combicut that we were able to provide back in the summer of 2017, we are definitely very well equipped with anything from 8 to 435 hp.”