Dust Control Technology® is the leader in dust and odor control solutions for the demolition, construction, transfer station, composting, wood processing and scrap industries. Our innovative products provide value in a capital solution as opposed to the labor solution traditionally used today.

The conventional method of controlling dust and odor is having a worker spraying a hose, which is costly and inefficient. The patent pending DustBoss® saves you money and man hours. DustBoss® is a fully automatic, oscillating ducted fan with a high pressure misting system that creates a Virtual Dust Barrier™. No matter what the application, DustBoss® is a better way to control dust.

The Advantages Of DustBoss® Technology

» Saves Money ­ DustBoss® reduces labor costs, freeing a man for more important tasks. It uses less water, saving even more in disposal fees since waste material weighs significantly less.

» Better Coverage ­ DustBoss® models blanket between 12,500 – 25,000 square feet with up to 200 – 50 micron-sized dust-attracting water particles, the optimal size for agglomeration of dust particles.

» Easy To Use ­ DustBoss® can be operated and adjusted by a single person. After a short 30-minute set up, it runs 24/7 until you shut it off.

» Better Dust Suppression ­ DustBoss® creates an ultra-fine mist that attracts dust and drives it to the ground.