No two beach cleaners are alike; however, the BeachTech units are the best. This fact has been proven once again at the “Ecoplayas” congress in Spain where each year side by side contests of various beach cleaning machines are held.

The ECOPLAYAS is an international congress offering global and technical views on all aspects of the world of beaches, especially sand, water quality, equipment and service on the beach. Participants were, for the largest part, local beach authorities, national associations as well as service providers in charge of beach management.

Within the ECOPLAYAS event there is a competition between several manufacturers of beach cleaning machines in order to show what their equipment can do. The yearly beach cleaning competition, held on the nearby beach, is one of the top events of the congress and each model must prove its efficiency on a marked area of about 400 square meters. Within this area there are exact identical amounts of different kinds of waste that was scattered about the sand. The decisive criteria were the weight, respectively number of pieces of the waste collected, the amount of sand that was removed from the beach and the required cleaning time.

For the second time, the BeachTech Beach Cleaning Machines came out of this contest as the clear winner! Additionally, not only was also determined that we had the fastest machine, but our BeachTech 2800 model picked up nearly twice the amount of waste than the second best competitor’s machine—with an overall amount of only < 5% of sand in the hopper. These results confirm our high cleaning efficiency and make our BeachTech models the first-choice machines for anybody who is looking for professional beach cleaning.

All set for perfectly clean beaches.