On location experience worldwide

Our division Entertainment, is dedicated to the development of expos, special culture and sporting events, funding and marketing for selective independent film and photography projects, and production of commercial presentations.

Priority is given to potential projects which focus and reflect on our diversified areas of interest

Commercial Expos

Shape the future of the trade expo landscape. Give your expo a new appearance. You will benefit from numerous options with us. Future-oriented focused on target groups and, above all, budget-optimized.

Sport Events

We organize events with creativity and action development. We ensure the success of undertakings and actions. We have the necessary means and methods to carry out an optimal organization of events.

Audiovisual projects

We listen to your needs and conditions and, according to our experience, we help you to produce the audiovisual project you have in mind, whether it is a film, a photographic exhibition or the project you have in mind.

Quickly transmit, propose or interpret the needs of the companies interested in a project, add creativity and ensure that they are able to visualize the proposed objectives.