For the beginning of 2008, Telemet, Inc. and Top Service Ltda. by Telemet are announcing the opening of the first integrated center in South America. This unique shop will be dedicated to snow grooming, snowmaking, snow removal, avalanche control systems and equipment, as well as beach cleaning, dust control and water evaporation machinery.

It is a unique specialized center built to meet all needs related with mountain engineering and environment technology.

The building’s dimension (over 7,500 ft2 or 700 m2) will allow our Clients to receive outstanding results of equipment’s repair, testing and maintenance. We will also centralize our administrative operations, as well as sales, marketing and engineering.

Telemet, Inc. is a corporation from New York, USA, born in 1988 with the purpose of providing AccuWeather’s weather services to the international market as well as support the ski industry and mountain activities through its Snow Division. Telemet, Inc, started operating in the South America in 1989 with the installation of the first snowmaking system at Portillo ski area of Santiago – Chile.

Top Service Ltda. by Telemet established in 1998 is located in La Reina, Santiago, Chile. In combination with Telemet, Inc. provides sales, marketing, technical support, repair and maintenance services of the exclusive products and equipment displayed here: