New Kodiak Self-propelled Snow Blowers were delivered to Chile’s MOP (Ministry of Public Works).

Kodiak snow blowers assure safer routes and clear mountain passes throughout the world.
A few weeks ago Telemet delivered two Kodiak CR580S units to Chile’s Ministry of Public Works to be used in different border crossings across the Andes Mountains.

We thank the Ministry of Public Works for choosing our brand Kodiak, factory that produces the most robust equipment that can be found in North America, Russia, Europe, the Poles and of course in South America … This factory builds each piece of equipment according to the specifications provided by each client, but always using Hardox steel and other elements that clearly make Kodiak to stand out from any competitor.

These Kodiak self-propelled snow blowers, manufactured according to Customer’s specifications, have a four-wheel steering chassis, 4×4 drive, and a removal capacity of 5,000 tons of snow per hour impelling it over a distance of 50 meters (164 feet). This equipment is extremely versatile and reliable to perform tasks under the most demanding conditions. Kodiak manufactures units capable of moving up to 14,000 tons of snow per hour (read more)