After a successful performance during the recent Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, two PB400 Winch are joining the fleets of the Nevados de Chillán and Valle Nevado ski resorts, in order to provide the best ski slope conditions for the 2018 winter season.

These excellent PB400 units combine all the needed factors to ensure an accurate, safe and trouble-free work. The weight and stability of its structure have been optimized, and it has been built with high strength, fine-grained steel, extremely resistant to cold temperatures.

The PB400 W technology brings up unique advantages to this unit of 4.0 tons:

Four tension tonnages, 1,050 meters of cable and an extremely robust gearbox. The entire winch unit is mounted on a 360° rotating turret: this eliminates the need to monitor or compensate for cable twisting or bending when turning. Therefore, the operator doesn´t have to worry about having to make right or left turn sequences.

The standard “active boom” control of the winch also ensures optimum driving conditions in difficult snow conditions.

Highest operational safety

  • Sophisticated control system to optimize handling behavior
  • Winch’s high