The fact that complex machines are nevertheless easy to operate was an important argument that led to the purchase of the CJS fleet at Zurich Airport. Thanks to this, the drivers can concentrate on their work, namely clearing snow, slush and ice, even with a high pulse at two o’clock in the night.

At the beginning of November, Flughafen Zürich AG invited the team to celebrate the completion of another milestone project. Since this season, one of the airport’s sweeper platoons now consists of eight Schmidt CJS compact sweepers. Barend Fruithof, CEO of the Aebi Schmidt Group, was particularly pleased with the order and thanked those responsible for their trust. «We have substantially expanded the airport business in recent years and therefore such orders as from Zurich Airport are of course of strategic importance to us,» said Fruithof. Find out what the responsible managers for operations, sales and service have to say about the CJS here in the video.