AccuWeather, the global leader in weather information and digital media, today announced it has expanded its partnership with BreezoMeter, the leading global air quality analytics provider. The partnership strategically aligns each company’s strengths to further improve people’s lives by offering one-stop ease for both weather and air quality information.

Real-time BreezoMeter air quality data is now available for clients and partners to integrate into their products and services alongside the most trusted, most accurate weather information and updates from AccuWeather. Access to this innovative air quality content will benefit clients and partners impacted by dangerous air pollution worldwide as they receive exclusive air quality insights, information, and associated health recommendations developed by BreezoMeter and medical experts. Expansion plans include use of BreezoMeter’s air quality data in AccuWeather’s award-winning apps and website worldwide, enhancing users’ lives.

BreezoMeter is a big data analytics company delivering dynamic, high-resolution air quality localized down to the city-block, helping smart cities, businesses and individual consumers make informed decisions about air quality impacting health. Since air quality in the same area changes several times a day and is governed by complex dynamics, BreezoMeter combines air quality information with multiple sources of data including satellite, weather, traffic, and other observations, making the information real-time, actionable, and relevant to the user in their day-to-day lives. For example, if a user sees air quality is declining, they can choose to alter the route of their afternoon run or turn on their home air filter in advance. BreezoMeter offers a full suite of air quality information with varying subscriptions to align with clients’ air quality service needs.

“AccuWeather never stops surpassing expectations when it comes to providing clients and partners with industry-leading, actionable content,” said Jonathan Porter, Vice President of Innovation and Development at AccuWeather. “We are proud to partner with BreezoMeter and bring our users global air quality data, enabling them to quickly and easily take action to improve their health.”