AccuWeather Global Weather Center – June 2015 – AccuWeather, Inc., the global leader in weather information and digital media, is pleased to announce its continuing alliance with the American Red Cross to assist weather disaster victims everywhere. Today is “All in 1 Day” – the inaugural Red Cross Giving Day and a nationwide campaign to increase awareness of all that the Red Cross does throughout the year.

“Over the past four years, our partnership with AccuWeather has facilitated tremendous fundraising. This money was raised at the most critical of times in the wake of both national and international traumatic storms and disasters,” Ellen Kyzer, CEO of the Central Pennsylvania Region of the American Red Cross said. “We are deeply grateful to AccuWeather for making this possible as it strengthens our ability to provide relief and aid to those in the greatest need. We look forward to continuing our meaningful relationship, joining together to help others.”

In its work with the Red Cross, AccuWeather uses the worldwide reach of the global web site to help visitors learn more about the Red Cross relief efforts and facilitate donations to support those impacted by severe weather.

Barry Lee Myers, AccuWeather’s CEO said, “Our efforts are global and designed to provide channels that allow people to help others who are suffering from severe natural disasters. When our users read about or view tragic human suffering reported on, they are often inspired to help those that are affected. People are good at heart and want to help but often do not know how or where. We help facilitate that process of giving.”

AccuWeather and the Red Cross have partnered through major weather disasters including Superstorm Sandy, the 2013 Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak, Tropical Cyclone Pam, and the Nepal Earthquake.

“The severe weather events that have marked the start of summer have not only broken records, they have shattered them. Thousands have lost everything they own, many without flood insurance who are now homeless,” Mike Smith,” Sr. Vice President/Chief Innovation Executive for AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions said. “AccuWeather and its meteorologists are devoted to saving lives and protecting property and work to do their part in the face of the magnitude of the destruction caused by these severe weath