Top Service S.A. by Telemet has recently delivered the latest BeachTech model, the BT 2800, to the Municipality of Iquique, Chile, for their beach cleaning operations. The city of Iquique is located 1871 kms. north of Santiago.

Technical staff of Top Service S.A. by Telemet and BeachTech provided operating and maintenance training to the Municipality personnel.

The BT 2800 is the answer to the needs of many municipalities for a Professional beach cleaner that is able to clean very large beaches but is clearly smaller on the collector tank, 2.8 mts3 instead of 4.0 mts3 than the BeachTech 3000.

The BT 2800 incorporates the 2,500 mm working width of the BT 3000 – which can clean up to 30,000 square meters per hour – with the 3 patented technical concept, the maneuverability and the smaller dimensions of the BT 2000.

The combination of a large working width, smaller dimensions and a lower weight also results in considerably lower fuel consumption of the tractor. As this unit has been built with extremely durable materials, the BT 2800 needs very little servicing. More technical information on this BeachTech model can be viewed here.

BeachTech beach cleaning equipment is manufactured by Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG , located in Laupheim, Germany. Kässbohrer also manufactures the renowned line of snow grooming equipment, PistenBully. Top Service S.A. by Telemet is the exclusive distributor for both lines of products for Chile and factory´ selective markets throughout South America, (except Argentina).

For further information on how we can help your city or municipality to keep your beaches and shores pristine, contact Mr. Cristian Elgueta, Top Service by Telemet´s General Manager, calling (56-2) 356-2735 or via email click here to investigate.