AccuWeather® by Telemet, Inc. delivers the best-looking weather graphics and the most accurate weather data to digital signage companies to enhance the value of their presentation. One of the most important aspects of digital signage is its visual appeal and striking look. With attractive and accurate weather content, you will grab people’s attention and hold it so they are sure to view the advertising messages incorporated in your presentation.

AccuWeather® by Telemet can deliver ready-to-air graphics that are sure to catch people’s eyes and draw them to the signage. With more than 200 television stations and 25,000 Internet web sites choosing Telemet/AccuWeather® as their graphics provider, no other company can match our experience in that arena.

The 95 meteorologists at AccuWeather® monitor the weather worldwide and around the clock to ensure you receive the most up-to-date, accurate, localized weather information from the most recognized name in wireless weather. We can even update your weather content up to four times an hour to make it as relevant as possible!

AccuWeather® by Telemet can provide the world’s best weather content to you no matter what display platform you operate on.

Increase the effectiveness of your advertising, with Eye-Catching Weather Graphics, Best Weather Content and Comprehensive Content and Multiple Delivery Methods