Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance and an accurate forecast turn out to be a must.

Summer craves for music and good weather and that is why we usually forecast major events for government organizations as well as private celebrations.

If you’re planning an outdoor festivity, don’t hesitate to contact us. Through our forecasts you can assure your guests a perfect party.

Organizations throughout the Southern Cone use our weather services for different amusement events. Iberoamerica CREA, aimed to promote cultural events in the region as well as one of the major popular concert night yearly organized by VoxPop have used our services to ensure the attendants an enjoyable show.

When it comes to filming either a movie or an ad, AccuWeather® by Telemet serves with the most accurate forecasts available anyplace on Earth, to dozens of filming companies. There’s no need to waste money and time driving to a location or getting your crew together when the weather conditions are against you. We can help you save money and time by planning your productions ahead of time.

We keep on expanding our clientele throughout the Filming Industry from Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. If you also want to perfectly plan your production, by ensuring the weather conditions needed, come to us we know how to do it.

Our clients are our best credential!