Telemet recently delivered SMI® Mega PoleCat evaporators to Antamina mine located in Peru; the firsts to arrive to South America.

Antamina is a polymetallic mining complex that produces concentrates of copper, zinc, molybdenum, silver and lead. The mine is located within the San Marcos district, in the province of Huari in the Ancash Region, 200km from the city of Huaraz and at an average altitude of 14,110 FASL.

The SMI/Telemet technicians leaded the installation, testing and personnel training at this complex, for the operation of the submersible pump system and the high tech SMI® Mega PoleCat evaporators.

The SMI® Mega PoleCat evaporator is a big throw machine (over 350 feet/105 meters) that will evaporate water over large areas and in big volumes.

This exceptional evaporator is mounted on a forkable galvanized skid with 60 HP fan (45 Kw), electric head jack, turntable bearing with menu driven user defined 359 degree oscillation, optional on-board booster pump, control panel with PLC and touch screen display.

The Mega PoleCat can be customized for your site and weather conditions. Typical evaporation rates are between 20% and 80% of throughput water, with suggested water flows of 90 gpm (390 lpm) to 130 gpm (500 lpm) typical.

Check with us to see how our SMI evaporation products can contribute to your company.