Snow Machines, Inc. (SMI) is proud to introduce the Kid Polecat – a versatile new snowmaker with a powerful 7.5 HP fan y 15 water delivery nozzles that can be customized to achieve the perfect flow for specific weather conditions. The new design is available with many options, including galvanized carriage or tower month, oscillation, heated valves and ful automation.

Like other members of the PoleCat family from SMI, the new low-maintenance design delivers large volumes of excellent quality snow, and excels in areas where source water contains small particulates and dissolved dirt.

Available with either a piston or vane compressor, the Kid Polecat offers precise delivery and long throw, making it particularly effective on narrow trails. As SMI's lightest and most portable design, it can be positioned exactly where it is needed most. For more technical details, go to

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