La Parva's snow making project is already at its final stage of Phase One.

Torrent’s pumping plant was recently installed. The pipeline, hydrants and electrics (in pedestals or underground boxes) have either been installed or within schedule.

With the arrival of the SMI’s SuperWizzard snowmaking guns and other components, our team of technicians along with the qualified people from La Parva, is ready to adjust the system and get it started.

The 65 water hydrants and electrical connections of this project’s Phase One will cover La Parva Chica, Manzanito, Barros Negros (from T.4 to the base) and Autopista Del Sol.

This type of project is a complete product which will guarantee an efficient operation in two different ways: 1) trough an economic state-of-the-art system; 2) with our expertise to guarantee the proper design and operation. These two factors are what makes the ski area to develop in the most efficient way.

The Project includes the provision of design, engineering, construction supervision, equipment, training and start up of the system by Telemet/Team Snow and Top Service.