Licanten is located at 280 kms. southwest of Santiago, Chile, on the Pacific Ocean. Its beaches located in Rancura and Iloca are one of the biggest attractions in the region appealing numerous visitors during the summer season with their impressively large beaches and touristic charms.

With this in mind, its local authorities chose to acquire a Kässbohrer BeachTech 2000 S to provide the visiting beachgoers the best beach cleaning conditions, for an unforgettable experience.
We at Telemet & Kässbohrer are proud to play a small part in this experience, as the leading supplier of beach cleaning equipment to the Chilean resorts and municipalities, as well as hundreds of resorts worldwide.
Our BT 2000 S is maneuverable and compact but still capable of cleaning 25,000 sq. meters per hour of dry beach and 8,500 sq. meters on a damp surface. The capacity of the dumper body is a useful 1.5 cubic meters. With a discharge height of 2.55 meters, refuse can be emptied directly into a truck or trailer with a drop-side body.

The robust overall design has been conceived for the demands made on the vehicle by the effects of salt water and high air moisture content. The thoroughly proven structural elements remain intact even when left standing for a long time. They are galvanized to inhibit corrosion and protected against weather effects.

BeachTech: German Technology at Its Best.