Numerous innovations. Smart details. Outstanding craftsmanship. All delivered to your beach by the new BeachTech 2500.
The passion for engines, machinery and engineering is hard-wired into the Kässbohrer organization. New ideas, technologies and improvements make Kässbohrer vehicles efficient partners on and off the beach. Throughout the world, the Kässbohrer name has become a byword for premium quality, customer service and speedy reaction.

Start of series production

Even before development of the new BeachTech 2500 had started, we were studying the needs and preferences of our customers. In implementing the design, we made a point of focusing on the core principles. Numerous improvements were the result, including for example the innovative composite screening belt, im-proved screening belt guides, LED lighting. Dumping is made easier with optimized linkage geometry on the hopper and a new discharge-flap function. To mention only the most important.

New, patented composite screening belt

The patented, new-design composite screening belt is an innovation of crucial significance: because it has additional drive belts and crossbars, the composite screening belt is more efficient and also more durable. The radically new design means that the screening belt no longer stretches, so it never has to be shortened.

The BeachTech 2500 has other features that make the job easier. For example, the axle design allows ample space for servicing; the linkage system makes the waste container easier to empty, and the remote control is great for easy operation. And these are only some of the BeachTech 2500’s many advantages. Explore all the new generation’s improvements for yourself – soon, on your beach.