Telemet Sudamerica brought another new option for its customers: the PistenBully 300 GreenTech.

The PB300 GreenTech is an all-year-round model designed for working in extreme terrain, with a level of technology and cost efficiency that surpasses any other existing conventional machine. Thanks to its low ground pressure, it is suitable to move large quantities of sludge in extreme conditions such as reclaiming marshland in harbor areas or peat excavation in dry shift process, dumping and distributing and removing silage.

PistenBully 300 GreenTech can be used in diverse ways for work in fish and shrimp farms with the help of special attachments and superstructures; to shift and level drained pools; to apply lime for disinfecting or to dig drainage trenches and to prepare the soil.

PistenBully 300 GreenTech is an efficient option for all type of terrains

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