The SANTERA 3000 was specially developed for sand clearing operations. A mounted sand cutter blower, so robustly built that it is guaranteed a long working life even in extreme operating conditions in sand. Particular materials such as Hardox steel, bearings impermeable to sand and labyrinth boxes (seals) reduce the wear to a minimum.

The specially serrated cutter drums of the SANTERA 3000 easily deal with hard and damp sand as well as loose sand. The high circumferential speed of the blower wheel sends the sand a long way to the side.

The SANTERA 3000 was specially developed for the UNIMOG U 500. The combination of the two is a guarantee of high maneuverability and cross-country mobility even in loose sand.

The SANTERA 3000 has a clearing maximum capacity of 2,300 ST/h (2,300 t/h), with a clearing width of 8.5 feet (2.6 m) and a sand ejection distance of 65 to 114.8 feet (20-35 m).