With SNOWsat World Cup courses can be built precisely and according to digital templates. In this video you can see how SNOWsat was used to build the slopestyle course in the Secret Garden ski resort, China and how the software supports you during the entire construction phase.

Preparation of courses for alpine sport events such as World Cups and Olympics demand the highest precision. The starting and landing area of the course as well as the individual elements must be exactly prepared in order to guarantee the safety of the athletes and to create consistent competition conditions.

2D models – planned on the PC, built with SNOWsat

Each slopestyle course is first planned on the computer using CAD software. In this way, a 2D model is created and transferred to SNOWsat. The target profile of the course and individual elements is stored in the SNOWsat vehicle system. The drivers thus know exactly where they are in the park and can see at a glance how much snow is needed at which point, thanks to a colored display vehicle. Another advantage: As the model of the course is stored in the software, it can easily be reproduced later or in the coming season.

Optimize your work using SNOWsat

With SNOWsat you can determine the required snow volume in advance and thus know exactly how much snow must be shifted and how much man-made snow needs to be produced. This makes your preparation more efficient and reduces your snow-making costs.