StoryTellerStoryTeller brings any story to life! It derives its unique value from the fact that it is much more than cutting-edge, high-resolution touchscreen hardware. The system also includes a constantly-growing set of software apps designed both to tell particular types of stories and to quickly create eye-catching interactive displays that illustrate stories on a multitude of topics. StoryTeller apps expand the power of the touchscreen in the same way that apps on a smart phone take its capabilities far beyond simple voice calls.

StoryTeller Interactive TouchScreen has become the hottest on-air tool at stations across the country, including every one of the top 10 markets. For sports, news, traffic, weather, entertainment, and programming, we provide all the elements to attract viewers, enhance coverage, and put stories literally at your fingertips.

To enhance your interactive coverage, StoryTeller is equipped with multi-touch to enable teams of presenters to provide separate analysis or competing views. Anchors can also get in on the action with a conveniently-sized 32” touchscreen that interacts with your main StoryTeller systems, available in sizes from 55” to 102”.

StoryTeller allows your on-air talent to directly incorporate live HD and SD video, images, movies, social media, and web content as the story unfolds in real time. Designed in consultation with experienced television broadcasters, the proprietary interactive touchscreen interface includes special features to easily move story elements within the display and to quickly swipe from one full-screen scene to the next.

Of course, StoryTeller also has full telestration capability to explain the story in a clear and conversational style.

StoryTeller also includes a library of informational videos and graphics for tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, making it easy to be first on the air with the story behind the headlines.

StoryTeller allows you to ingest graphics or video from any weather display system – VizRt, WSI, Weather Central or CinemaLive HD – or it can be used as a stand-alone system for all your news presentations.

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