For more than 17 years, Telemet, Inc. has been our experienced partner in Chile. In 2015, the work of the past years once again bore fruit: 5 BeachTech machines were ordered by several Chilean municipalities.

Cristian Elgueta and Tief Pujol have become “old stagers”: they are not only selling BeachTech machines for us, they are likewise very successfully selling PistenBully machines in the mountains of their South American country. They had quite a lot of business on the beaches last year and could successfully deliver 5 BeachTech machines to municipalities on the 4,500 kilometer long coastline of Chile.

Looking back, Cristiàn Elgueta says: “Already during the first demonstrations that we held in Chile, it became clear to us that professional beach cleaning is absolutely sensible and above all – necessary! Ten years ago, our customers admired our BeachTech machines but they did not have the financial means or, at the time, they were not 100 % sure about purchasing one. Over the years, their awareness for their beaches has grown and also their possibilities. In today’s time, most of the municipalities are convinced that professional beach cleaning is a must and that they need to offer to their visitors clean beaches and a healthy environment.”

In Chile, the BeachTech Marina is the most popular model. Due to its performance and capability to do other tasks, it has become the Queen of the territory. All in all, there are now 15 BeachTech machines working in Chile. Last year, Telemet sold 5 new machines, 3 BeachTech Marina and 2 BeachTech 2000, that are now cleaning the wonderful and vast beaches of Iquique, Mejillones, El Tabo and Cartagena. “These municipalities have put their trust in us and show that they are concerned about their beaches. This makes us proud and we will dedicate all our efforts to help them offer the perfect beach to their guests,” Cristián says.