AccuWeather Global Weather Center – July 13, 2016   – AccuWeather, the global leader in weather information and digital media, today announced the University of Oklahoma Office of Technology Development has signed a patent licensing agreement for the use of AccuWeather’s proprietary patents to benefit University advancements in technology innovation, including OU’s mPING app.

Under the new agreement, the University will integrate a range of AccuWeather’s exclusive location-based patents worldwide, which cover the ability to geographically pinpoint all forms of content across all wireless platforms to individual users and to their dynamically changing locations.

AccuWeather’s unique patents will be used in the popular mPING (Meteorological Phenomena Identification Near the Ground) mobile app.  The mPING app was developed through a collaboration between NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory and OU’s Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies, allowing users to anonymously submit weather observations and view reports all around the world on Android and iOS devices.  AccuWeather meteorologists and technology experts will begin collaborating with CIMMS to refine and enhance the mPING app through the integration of AccuWeather’s patents, in addition to contributing their mobile expertise worldwide.

“We are proud that the University of Oklahoma has joined with AccuWeather in driving continued technology innovation,” said Barry Lee Myers, Chief Executive Officer of AccuWeather. “By collaborating with AccuWeather, the University has access to leading proprietary technologies, creating new synergies in the weather enterprise across private, public, and educational sectors.”

AccuWeather has previously entered into IP licensing agreements with a number of government agencies and private companies including the United States National Weather Service and Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. for access to patented AccuWeather technologies.

AccuWeather has developed exclusive technologies to geographically pinpoint content to individual users in the mobile environment and to their dynamically changing location.  AccuWeather’s technologies allow for all forms of content to be transmitted on a priority basis depending upon its unique nature, format and size; the type or selection of the service provider; and the user’s preference. These technologies are protected by AccuWeather’s worldwide patent portfolio allowing for a true global reach in connecting people with information.  By partnering with AccuWeather, enterprises and agencies have access to leading-edge content and operational protection from the patents.

AccuWeather’s IP licensing programs make it possible for partners to benefit from AccuWeather’s unique, expanding IP portfolio and capabilities to help improve and save people’s lives. For more information on available patents and flexible licensing programs, call 814-235-8600.

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